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Just FYI anon people are name dropping you in weird sexist shit on gingerhaze's blog.

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Yeah, so:

Today was pretty weird.

At about 2pm this afternoon, I was in the middle of explaining Kafka’s Metamorphosis to a tenth grader of my acquaintance, when suddenly my phone started BLOWING THE FUCK UP. I took a second to look at my phone and saw that I was getting Twitter alert after Twitter alert in response to a tweet by Noelle Stevenson.

I check out her tweet and it’s a screencap of a blog comment calling her a feminazi (sidenote: hey, dudes, if you use the word “feminazi,” literally all you are doing is telling me two things: 1) you don’t know anything about feminists and b) you don’t know anything about Nazis), but also embedded in that comment is an oblique reference to me being really mad about how ladies used and abused my comic book knowledge?

Look, trying to understand this comment with zero context while at the same time answering questions about how Gregor Samsa’s physical condition reflect what was happening to him spiritually was not super easy. (Another sidenote: look, I’m not trying to grammarshame someone or whatever the fuck, but this comment would have been WAY easier to understand if this dude had had less ideas about how women should act and more ideas about where periods should go.)

Anyway, I finally got home about half an hour ago, and I’ve finally read the blog post on which the comment was made, and at last I understand that my name wasn’t pulled out of obscurity at random as an “internet person”; rather, I was mentioned in the post specifically because of my "Batman for the Uninitiated" post.

And so now I know the comment meant this: I would be mad that a woman used my advice on how to get into comics and then complained that it’s hard to get into comics.

If there is any ambiguity on the matter, allow me to clarify:

I do not in any way agree with that shitlord’s opinion.

The VERY REASON I wrote a “Batman for the Uninitiated” post (and a Superman one &c.) is because there are numerous barriers to entry in comics, not only within the continuity itself, but literally in the physical act of walking into a comic store and buying a book, especially if you are a woman. I feel like that is clear in the subtext—if not the text—of the post itself; there’s a reason I try to warn about books that feature sexual violence and talk about the ready availability of digital comics.

I WANT women reading comics. I WANT women making comics. I WANT women starring in comics. If you don’t, you’re a piece of shit, and I’m not sorry for saying that.

(Sidenote: so what if she got into Batman via the Christopher Nolan movies? There are, what—optimistically—500k regular comics readers? The Christopher Nolan movies made LITERAL BILLIONS of dollars. Statistically, they are going to be someone’s introduction to Batman. That’s mathematics, fake nerd.)

If I may borrow from Chris Sims, whose name also got invoked in this discussion: “keep my name out of your mouth, son.”

Don’t make me the arbiter of who’s a fake geek.

Changed my mind. DO make me the arbiter of who’s a real geek and who’s fake.

All right, all you adult women who are just getting into comics and like to cosplay, line up on the left. All you dudes who think these ladies should have to pass some kind of superhero LSAT to wear a cute Batman outfit, line up on the right. Now, everyone who’s a real geek, step forward.

Not so fast, guys on the right.

If you have, as this guy claims, “dedicated a lot of time and money and actual effort to study and dedicate [your]selves to comic books,” and the lesson you took away from a lifetime of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man comics is that it is a cool idea to make someone feel like shit, you don’t know ANYTHING about comic books.

"If you have, as this guy claims, “dedicated a lot of time and money and actual effort to study and dedicate [your]selves to comic books,” and the lesson you took away from a lifetime of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man comics is that it is a cool idea to make someone feel like shit, you don’t know ANYTHING about comic books.”


This whole notion of doing only work that you love has always affronted me but I’ve lacked the articulation to be able to explain my objections. Only the top levels of developed world society can really consider that as an option. Almost all of the world has to labor just to survive. It just has always seemed so snobbish to me to think that people should all aspire to having only rewarding work to do to support themselves.

I believe in the reward of doing honest work in an honest way—that’s satisfying to me, even if I can’t always say I enjoy it. My work is not significant or important on a global scale, and I know it. But I do it pretty well.

I’ve probably told you the story of my wonderful professor, Russ Kelly, in my first year of college. One day he brought in a newspaper article about the wage increase for garbage workers in San Francisco that had recently passed. He pointed out that someday, even if we did well in college, that we may end up doing something like that because it paid well and we needed the money. But he said that a liberal education is for the enrichment of your heart and your brain, and it’s meant to give you something to think about, and a way to think about it, for the rest of your life. And he said that if someday you work as a garbage collector, you can enjoy thinking about Plato.

That’s the kind of advice that was actually helpful.

- My mom (who is clearly the best) in an email this morning. <3 (via slodwick)

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LGBTQ* Vlogs: Bisexual Erasure

Camille, poised, educated, approachable, funny, and insightful as ever, offers her own insight and discusses bisexual erasure of those who identify as bisexual.

Camille, the creator and moderator of Tumblr’s GayWrites as well as AskGayWrites, is a site you I (Rebecca) will stand up for as one of my favorites on Tumblr. It is well sourced, researched, and like many blogs, Camille puts endless hours of her own time into the large project that is

Check her out! And, If you feel inclined, subscribe to her YouTube Channel.


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HankGamesx2 - In which Hank plays Pikmin 3…but sped up, to save you time…and also because it is ridiculous.

This makes me happier than it should. 






This is, in fact, the most important post on the internet.

Every male should be required to read this.


the most perfect post. 

This is marvelous and I very much want this to be a YouTube video so that it can be more easily digestible.

But I will point out that you’re not going to get toxic shock syndrome because you leave your tampon in for an extra 3 minutes. Toxic shock is a rare disease and the chances of getting it can be increased by the prolonged use of tampons. Incidence is about 0.003% per year of tampon-using women. (That’s roughly the murder rate in the US…though, to be clear, for all people, whether or not they use tampons)

In other words…you do not have a time bomb ticking in your crotch. Toxic shock is rare, but be aware of the symptoms just in case.

AND by the way there’s this fancy thing which isn’t absorbent and therefore doesn’t cause TSS. And you can leave it in up to 12 hours (including overnight!). And you can reuse it for years and years. Sure, you have to dump it out in the toilet, you have to stick your fingers up in there to put it in properly, and you have to wash it… but it’s just blood and it’s your vagina, get used to it. It saves tons of trees, cotton, and water, and it will save you a lot of money buying supplies. What, you say? I don’t have to create lots of blood-soaked trash for 7 days a month? It’s true! Check out Mooncups or Divacups. Here is a webcomic (NSFW!) about them, for extra points. I have been using these for a number of years now and they are awesome. (Sorry to say these won’t do anything about your cramps.)

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